Weather forecasting is the science and technology’s application to predict the conditions and situations of the Earth’s atmosphere and the climatic changes often for a certain time and location.

Though humans used to do this in practice throughout the history there are many incidents that led to the error of the forecast and hundred percent of accuracy couldn’t be achieved. But the modern forecasts are done by incorporating the technologies that led to more accurate than the previous history; due to these technologies, it can be more likely to evict the human errors. Each and every country has its own weather forecasting department and they are known as the Meteorology department, which takes care of the works for monitoring the weather and its behavior.

The uses of weather forecasting come in handy for the certain geographical location and the temperature, precipitation, and humidity of the certain geographical region. In many countries, people are more dependent on the weather forecasting, especially in the snowfall regions. The objective of the weather forecasting is to prevent the people from the climate change and the weather change. This is why many government and people are giving prominence to the weather forecasting as they contribute to the society much.